4 Best Tankless Scuba Diving Systems 2024

Tankless scuba diving? It’s the lighter, more nimble cousin of traditional scuba, and it’s changing the way we explore beneath the waves. Within this comprehensive guide, you’ll discover how the BLU3 Nomad systems make diving up to 30 feet deep not only possible but also more accessible. Unpack the nitty-gritty of operation, the tangible benefits over cumbersome tanks, vital safety advice, and upkeep skills necessary for anyone ready to embrace the ease of tankless dives.

1. 🌊 Key Takeaways

  • Tankless diving systems like the BLU3 Nomad and Nomad Mini offer divers the freedom to explore underwater without heavy scuba tanks, providing a portable and user-friendly experience with depths reachable up to 30 feet.
  • These innovative diving systems are powered by battery-operated air compressors that float on the water’s surface, delivering air through a hose, thus reducing weight and bulk underwater while ensuring a sustainable and quieter dive experience.
  • BLU3’s tankless dive systems also emphasize safety and education through an online dive training course, ensuring that divers are equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge for safe tankless diving adventures.

2.Our Picks | Best Tankless Scuba Systems

3. 🤿 Top Scuba Diving Tankless Systems for 2024

BLU3 Nomad Battery-Powered Dive System

BLU3 Nomad Battery-Powered Dive System

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🎒 Ultra-Portable Design Under 15 Pounds This diving system boasts exceptional portability, weighing less than 15 pounds, ensuring ease of transport for adventurous divers.

🌊 Supports One Diver Up to 30ft/9m Perfect for solo diving experiences, this system supports a single diver exploring depths of up to 30ft/9m, ideal for various underwater activities.

🎒 Includes Nomad Backpack Comes complete with a convenient Nomad backpack, offering a hassle-free way to carry and store your diving equipment while on the move.

🔋 Rechargeable, Easy Swap Battery Equipped with a rechargeable battery for extended diving sessions, allowing for effortless battery swaps, ensuring uninterrupted underwater adventures.

🇺🇸 Proudly Assembled in Florida, USA Crafted with pride in Florida, United States, guaranteeing quality assembly and adherence to high standards of manufacturing.

CRONDA Scuba Diving Ventilator

CRONDA Base Upgraded Scuba Diving Ventilator

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Tankless diving systems let you glide through the underwater world like a dolphin, unburdened by traditional scuba equipment. These cutting-edge systems, such as the BLU3 Nomad Dive System, offer the perfect balance of performance and convenience. They enable proficient divers to explore deeper underwater environments, such as reefs and shipwrecks, with greater ease and without the need for bulky dive gear.

This system provides a quieter, stealthier approach for underwater hunting or hull cleaning.

🌊 Upgraded Diving Equipment System – Newly upgraded diving equipment with reduced noise and increased air output. This compact Surface-Supplied-Air dive system supports one diver up to 39.4ft/12m. Ideal for ocean explorers, treasure hunters, photographers, boat owners, kayakers/paddleboarders, and diving enthusiasts seeking the latest gear.

🔋 Long Battery Life – Powered by a lithium battery, this device operates for an impressive 3.5 hours. Unlike oxygen cylinders, it offers convenience without the need for refilling.

💨 Increased Airflow, Powerful Engine – The upgraded battery-driven compressor delivers 57L of oxygen per minute, ensuring ample oxygen supply for comfortable underwater breathing.

🤿 Simplified Diving Experience – Bid farewell to cumbersome oxygen cylinders. This equipment streamlines diving, offering freedom and ease in the water without the weight of cylinders. Enjoy a more liberating underwater experience, complemented by accessories like hunting spears and underwater scooters for added fun.

AQUAROBO 919 Scuba Tank

AQUAROBO 919 Scuba Tanks,Diving Tanks Portable

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🌊 Underwater Exploration Powerhouse

  • Depth and Duration: With a scuba compressor and a stretchable hose, this system enables a solo diver to explore depths of up to 147 feet for an impressive 5 hours. Innovative water coolant technology ensures extended usage without overheating concerns.
  • Versatile Applications: Tailored for ocean exploration, pool maintenance, underwater fishing, photography, boat repairs, and metal detection.

🌊 AQUAROBO Advanced Engine

  • Enhanced Performance: The AQUAROBO diving ventilator boasts an air intake of 112L per minute, 30% larger than similar products. Its powerful 4700 rpm motor provides ample air for two divers (additional breathing tube available for purchase).
  • Fresh and Comfortable Breathing: A 4-pass filter ensures natural, pure, and tasteless air for comfortable underwater breathing.

🌊 Diving Safety Assurance

  • Robust Construction: The air buddy diving system is 360° fully waterproof and corrosion-resistant, engineered to withstand coral reefs and strong waves.
  • Advanced Safety Features: High-level chip control enhances safety during underwater activities. Inductive switches prevent accidental shutdowns. Equipped with a diving flag for clear warnings to boaters or other divers.

🌊 Long-lasting Battery Durability

  • Super Capacity Battery: Utilizes a 100Ah battery rechargeable up to 2000 times, providing enduring power for up to 3 years of regular use.
  • Safety Measures: Incorporates a battery flame retardant device to prevent overheating or explosions, ensuring a comprehensive safety system. Includes a battery indicator for peace of mind during dives.

AQUAROBO 510-3.5H Diving Ventilator

AQUAROBO 510-3.5H Diving Ventilator

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🌊 Aquarobo Scuba Diving Tank Introduction: Aquarobo scuba diving tanks are meticulously crafted for underwater sports, revolutionizing the diving experience by eliminating bulky oxygen tanks. This system efficiently transfers air from the surface to water using a compressor and an oxygen cylinder. With a powerful compressor delivering 50 l/min of air to depths of 12 meters (40 feet), the battery sustains continuous operation for 3.5/5.5 hours. Its unique waterproof design ensures resilience against water and minor waves.

🚨 Must-Read Guidelines

  • Water Use Only: Limit use to water environments; avoid areas with significant sea waves.
  • Post-Use Rinse: Immediately rinse the Aquarobo with fresh water after sea water use to prevent equipment corrosion.
  • Secure Charging Cover: Ensure the charging cover is tightly closed before immersion.
  • Supervised Use: Children should use this product under adult supervision.
  • Professional Guidance: Non-professional divers must dive under the guidance of experienced professionals for safety.

4. 🌍 Exploring the Underwater World with Tankless Dive Systems

Diver exploring the underwater world with tankless dive system

The Essence of Tankless Diving

More than a new diving method, tankless diving offers a completely unique underwater experience. It’s an ideal choice for various dive destinations, enabling divers to discover the underwater environment without relying on cumbersome scuba tanks. The main benefit of tankless diving is that most of the gear remains on the surface, leading to better mobility, less effort, and minimized water resistance. This results in less underwater noise and disturbance, as the surface air compressor pumps air to the diver through a hose, eliminating the need for heavy tanks.

Tankless diving is generally limited to a maximum depth of 30 feet of seawater (fsw) or 9 meters of seawater (msw). The BLU3 Nomad Dive System allows divers to reach these depths and is powered by a specially designed battery pack nomad.

The BLU3 Difference

BLU3 Nomad Mini tankless dive system for portability

Powered by a specially designed lithium-ion battery pack, the BLU3 Nomad Dive System allows divers to descend up to 30 feet underwater. Carrying a few extra packs extends the dive time and allows for more exploration.

5. ⚙️ The Mechanics Behind the Magic: How Tankless Systems Work

Mechanics of tankless dive system with Smart Reg™

Also referred to as Hookah Diving, tankless diving presents a revolutionary alternative to conventional diving systems. Instead of carrying heavy scuba tanks, the diver is connected to a motor/compressor unit on the surface that draws in fresh air and transports it through a hose connected to the diver’s weight belt. This process delivers air efficiently to the diver while reducing the equipment’s weight and making diving more accessible and enjoyable.

A custom battery-powered air compressor, which floats on the water’s surface, supplies divers with an air supply of compressed air via a hose. The pump air is transferred through the intake, down the common hose, then into the individual hoses, and to low pressure regulators, making it easily accessible for the diver’s next breath. A spare battery can be used to prolong the dive time and ensure a seamless diving experience.

Breathing Made Efficient

The heart of BLU3’s Nomad Dive System is the Smart Reg™. This innovative technology offers the following benefits:

  • Monitors the diver’s breathing patterns to efficiently deliver air
  • Ensures a comfortable dive experience
  • Provides a more convenient and enjoyable underwater adventure with Nomad.

The Smart Reg™ offers the following benefits:

  • Uses patented technology to continuously monitor and adjust to the diver’s breathing patterns
  • Conserves battery life
  • Guarantees a consistent and reliable air delivery
  • Ensures the diver gets exactly the right amount of air when they need it

Powering Your Dive

Rechargeable batteries power tankless dive systems, offering a sustainable, eco-friendly substitute for traditional scuba diving. The duration of these batteries varies, with some systems featuring battery packs lasting over an hour and in other cases up to 3 hours.

The type and quality of batteries utilized significantly influence the performance and runtime of tankless diving systems. For instance, while the Sea Lion system is comparable to a gasoline-powered system, the battery-powered Nomad scuba diving system offers approximately 60 minutes of battery time.

6. 🧳 Travel Light and Dive Right: The Portability Advantage

The portability of tankless dive systems stands as one of their most notable advantages. Their lightweight design and convenient transportation options provide a stark contrast to traditional heavy scuba gear, making them an ideal choice for divers who are always on the go.

The Nomad Mini by BLU3 offers the following advantages:

  • Airline-friendly design
  • Capability to explore depths of up to 15 feet with a single battery
  • Compact enough to fit in a backpack, making it easy to take to your favorite dive spots

Nomad’s Flotation Shell Surrounding

Nomad's flotation shell providing buoyancy underwater

Key to the Nomad’s enhanced buoyancy and stability is its flotation shell. Constructed from rotomolded hard, durable plastic filled with foam, the shell ensures Nomad’s unsinkability while diving. This design incorporates additional air volume and buoyant material to counterbalance the weight of the diver and their equipment.

The flotation shell offers several benefits:

  • Ensures the unit’s unsinkability
  • Enhances stability and visibility during diving
  • Provides inherent buoyancy
  • Adds buoyancy through the Dry Bag Float, aiding in maintaining a horizontal position in the water for a smooth and enjoyable diving experience.

On-the-Go Charging

Tankless dive systems offer several advantages:

  • They are portable and easy to carry.
  • They are designed for on-the-go charging, so you can recharge the batteries anywhere.
  • They are always ready for your next underwater adventure, whether you’re on a boat, at the beach, or in your hotel room.

The duration for fully charging a tankless dive system is approximately 3 hours. Moreover, the batteries for tankless dive systems can be easily replaced. For example, the Nemo tankless dive system features a replaceable battery that can be interchanged to prolong dive duration.

7. 🛡️ Safety First: Ensuring Your Own Safety While Tankless Diving

Despite the unique and liberating experience tankless diving provides, safety should always be a priority. As with any form of diving, it is advisable to obtain SCUBA certification to enhance your diving abilities and guarantee safety during tankless diving pursuits.

BLU3 ensures divers are well-equipped to handle their tankless systems with their Online Dive Training Course. The course is designed to equip experienced divers with the necessary knowledge and skills to safely embark on new underwater adventures with Nomad.

Dive with Peace of Mind

BLU3’s Online Dive Training Course is a self-paced online program that prepares individuals for the utilization of Nemo or Nomad/Nomad Mini tankless dive systems. The course offers comprehensive guidelines and practices, enabling divers to familiarize themselves with the equipment and diving procedures for their safety.

By completing the BLU3 Online Dive Training Course, divers can embark on their underwater adventures with confidence. They are equipped with the knowledge and skills to safely operate the tankless systems, ensuring they can dive with peace of mind.

8. 🎒 Accessorize Your Dive: Enhancing the Tankless Experience

Diver with waterproof compartment accessory

Using tankless systems for diving involves more than just enjoying their freedom and convenience; it’s also about enriching the experience with suitable accessories. Some options for customizing your equipment include:

  • Waterproof compartments
  • Spare hoses
  • Weight belts
  • Additional gear

These accessories allow divers to customize their equipment to suit their individual preferences and needs.

Accessories like the Dry Bag Float not only offer buoyancy capacity of 44 lbs but also allow for easy inflation by mouth. They also serve as a secure and waterproof storage space for dry items during dives, ensuring that your belongings remain protected and dry while you enjoy your dive experience.

Waterproof Compartment

One such accessory that enhances the tankless diving experience is the waterproof compartment. Available in BLU3’s tankless dive systems, this compartment provides a secure storage space for dry items during dives. Divers can store important items, preventing them from getting wet or damaged while in the water.

The waterproof compartment offers divers peace of mind. They can focus on their underwater exploration without worrying about their belongings getting damaged. It is an example of how tankless systems aren’t just about innovative diving technology; they’re also about providing a convenient, worry-free diving experience.

9. 🌊 Dive Deeper into Tankless Scuba Gear

A closer look at the world of tankless scuba gear reveals that these systems strike an ideal balance between performance and convenience. Whether it’s the Nomad Mini’s suitability for depths of up to 15 feet with a single battery or the Nomad’s capability to explore deeper depths, BLU3’s systems deliver superior convenience over traditional scuba gear.

BLU3’s systems, such as Nomad Mini and the carrying Nomad, demonstrate an exceptional equilibrium of performance as they are notably lighter than conventional scuba gear. This lighter weight facilitates easier transportation and the capability to accommodate two divers and their equipment on a single paddleboard. This enhanced portability contributes to improved performance without sacrificing dive quality.

Perfect Balance of Performance and Convenience

By allowing divers more freedom in exploration and hunting, extended dive times at greater depths, and enhanced interaction with the underwater environment without resurfacing for air refills, tankless dive systems combine performance and convenience at any dive destination.

Tankless diving systems are appropriate for divers at all levels of experience. They utilize a surface air compressor to deliver breathing air to divers through air tubes, making diving more accessible and straightforward, especially for individuals who may find traditional scuba diving with tanks intimidating. With a tankless diving system, you can enjoy the underwater world without the burden of heavy tanks.

10. 📝 Summary

Tankless diving systems have revolutionized underwater exploration, presenting a sustainable, convenient, and exciting alternative to traditional scuba diving. With their lightweight design, efficient air delivery, and user-friendly features, these systems offer a perfect balance of performance and convenience. They cater to divers of all levels of experience, making diving more accessible and enjoyable.

Whether it’s the Nomad Mini’s suitability for shallow depths or the Nomad’s capability to explore deeper depths, BLU3’s systems offer a diving experience like no other. They illustrate how innovation and technology can transform a traditional activity, making it more sustainable, convenient, and enjoyable. So, are you ready to dive into a new underwater adventure with tankless diving?

11.Frequently Asked Questions

What is tankless diving?

Tankless diving is a method of diving in which a motor/compressor on the surface draws fresh air and delivers it to the divers below through special air breathing hoses. This allows divers to avoid carrying heavy cylinders, providing more freedom underwater.

How deep can you hookah dive?

You can hookah dive to a depth of less than 12 meters (40 feet) of water. Always ensure you have the necessary training and equipment for safe diving.

How deep can you dive without getting the bends?

To avoid getting the bends, it’s generally safe to dive up to 30 feet. However, factors like bottom time and ascent speed also play a crucial role in preventing decompression sickness.

Why can’t you fly 24 hours after scuba diving?

You shouldn’t fly 24 hours after scuba diving because the decrease in air pressure during the flight could lead to decompression sickness due to the formation of nitrogen bubbles in your bloodstream. It’s best to wait at least 12-24 hours before flying.

What are the two types of tankless dive systems offered by BLU3?

BLU3 offers two types of tankless dive systems: the Nomad Mini Dive System for diving up to 15 feet and the Nomad Dive System for diving up to 30 feet. These systems cater to different depth requirements for divers.

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