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Do you have a bun in the oven or a new arrival to the family? If you, like us, are an ocean lover, you might like to name your new addition after another one of your great loves: the sea. 

If so, we’re here to help! Here’s a list of all the ocean-inspired names you can think about for your future scuba diver

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Ocean Names Based on Myth and Folklore

  1. Poseidon – An oldie but a goodie, Poseidon is the Greek God of the sea. One of the Twelve Olympians in ancient Greek mythology, he presided over the sea, storms, earthquakes, and horses (whaaat?)
  2. Neptune – Poseidon’s Roman counterpart, Neptune was originally the God of freshwater but the Romans identified him with Poseidon, so he took on the same characteristics. Both Neptune and Poseidon are depicted as a bearded man holding a trident.
  3. Triton – The Greek messenger God of the sea, Triton was the son of Poseidon and the sea nymph Amphitrite. With the torso of a man and the tail of a fish, he ruled the waters with some of his brothers. 
  4. Rhodos – The wife of the sun God Helios and sister of Triton, Rhodos was the personification of the Greek island Rhodes. 
  5. Caspian – Inspired by the Caspian Sea.
  6. Varuna – Hindu god of the oceans.
  7. Moana – Not quite myth or folklore, but Moana the movie created such a stir that we would be inconsiderate not to include this child of the ocean. 
  8. Mazu – Chinese sea goddess. You can also use Maz for the boys! 
  9. Enki – Sumerian god of water and wisdom.
  10. Dylan – Son of  Gwydion and Arianrhod and Welsh god of the sea. 
  11. Calypso – Nymph who lived on an island in Greek mythology.
  12. Ariel – Spirit of the air and sea in Shakespeare’s “The Tempest.” Also the name of the beloved Little Mermaid! 
  13. Sirena – Inspired by the sirens of Greek mythology.
  14. Cordelia – Meaning “daughter of the sea” in Celtic.
  15. Viviane – Another name for the Lady of the Lake.
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Ocean Names That Sound and Feel Like the Sea

You know how some names and words evoke memories and feelings that make you reminisce about the great blue ocean? Here are some of them! 

  1. Gale – A unisex name, gale refers to hurricane force winds, and certainly not someone you want to cross! 
  2. Eddy – A circular current of water, an eddy can be deceptively calm on the surface while an underwater tornado brews beneath its depths. 
  3. Haven – When all hell breaks loose, head to a safe haven for shelter, comfort, and warmth. 
  4. Misty – Misty mornings are the best when at sea. Just be sure your visibility improves before you pick up speed! 
  5. Pearl – The gems of the underwater world, pearls are few and far between. 
  6. Rain – With the ocean comes rain. Lots of it! 
  7. Sandy – What’s a beach without gorgeous, white sand? 
  8. Tsunami – We’re not sure whether you want to name your child after a destructive force, but perhaps “Sue” will be more apt. Only YOU would know the hidden meaning! 
  9. Reef – Coral reefs are a crucial part of our ecosystem, whether underwater or above. 
  10. Jetty – Not only are jetties vital for marine activities, but they are also incredibly fun to jump off of! 
  11. Brook – Not quite the ocean, but a calm, peaceful brook deserves a spot on our favorite name list.
  12. Drift – Whether it is a quiet, gentle current that you peacefully drift on, or an exciting drift dive that advanced divers do, drift definitely reminds most of the ocean. Unless you’re a race car driver.
  13. Cove – Magical and mysterious, hidden coves are one of the funnest things to find on your ocean expeditions! 
  14. Crystal – Whether turquoise blue or emerald green, crystal clear waters all over the world get ocean lovers excited! 
  15. Coral – The ocean is infinitely more boring without coral reefs. Where would you swim with turtles and reef fish?! 
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Ocean Life Baby Names

  1. Sailor – Whether or not your kiddo becomes a waterbaby, you can hope! 
  2. Marina – If you’re a boater, chances are that you spend more time when you’re awake at the marina than at home.
  3. Isla – A tranquil name meaning “island”, island is also a little-known river in Scotland. 
  4. Oceana – A spin off of the word “ocean”, Oceana would likely suit a girl more. 
  5. Shelley – We sell seashells by the sea shore! Tongue twisters aside, seashells are an integral part of the ocean. Just don’t take too many of them home. Each seashell can be someone’s home and is an important part of the ecosystem. 
  6. Mira – Sanskrit for ocean, Mira also has various different meanings in other languages, like “peace” in Slavic. 
  7. Meredith – Thought to mean “guardian of the sea” or “protector of the sea” in Welsh.
  8. Coraline – Loosely spun off from “coral”, Coraline is a popular female name. 
  9. Kai – Kai is a Japanese name that means “ocean” or “shell”. In Estonian, it also means “pier” or “quay”. 
  10. Fisher – A name usually given to males, Fisher is a nice little tribute to our underwater friends, the FISH! 
  11. Finn – Another popular male name, fins are what help our fishy friends get by. 
  12. Beck – Old Norse for “stream”, Beck can also be turned into “Becca”.
  13. Drake – The name Drake comes from the Anglo-Saxon word “Draca”, which means sea serpent or dragon. 
  14. Wade – Before you start swimmin’, you gotta start wading! 
  15. Murphy – Irish for “sea warrior”, Murphy is the most common surname in Ireland and the 105th most common surname in the UK. 
  16. Skip or Skipper – A nickname for “captain”, your little Skip or Skipper might just become one! 
  17. Marlin – Intimidatingly large, super fast, and extremely powerful, the marlin is a predatory fish that’s one of the most recognizable in the world due to its rounded spear extending from its snout. 
  18. Nemo – The world’s most beloved clownfish, don’t let his size fool you. Clownfish are one of the most fearless, aggressive fish in the world and are known for defending their families and homes against animals (and people!) hundreds of times their size. 
  19. Dory – Nemo’s devoted companion, Dory also deserves a mention on this list. 
  20. Morgan – A gender-neutral name of Welsh origin, Morgan means “white sea dweller”. 
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Final Thoughts – What is a Good Ocean Name 

There you have it! Plenty of names to give to your little one that will reflect on your deep love for the ocean. When the time’s right, perhaps scuba diving lessons are on the cards and with these names, your kid might just be the instructor’s favorite!

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