Ocean Trust Calls for the Rationalization of Seafood Sustainability At Boston 2016 Show

Ocean Trust moderated a conference session on Rationalizing Seafood Sustainability at the 2016 Seafood Expo North America calling for changes in the certification and ecolabelling of sustainable seafood.  “We need to be realistic when looking at fisheries, the vast majority of which have not been certified because of the impractically and cost under the current certification programs,” said Thor Lassen, President of Ocean Trust. “We have to rationalize the process and be open to a broader approach that focuses on evaluating management systems instead of individual fisheries.”  The panel included presentations from Lassen on the "Management System Assessment Process," Steve Cadrin from the American Institute of Fishery Research Biologists on the "Science and Sustainability Forum" which recommended a shift to certifying management systems, John Henderschedt, NOAA Fisheries Office of International Affairs and Seafood Inspection Program on their "Assessment of the US Management System," and Grimur Valdimarsson, Ministry of Industries & Innovation Iceland "Time to Rationalize Seafood Sustainability."   

Ocean Trust Presents New System for Assessing Sustainability to FAO

Ocean Trust and NOAA presented a new approach to assess the sustainability of seafood at the Food and Agriculture Organization Committee on Fisheries (COFI) meeting in Rome. Thor Lassen, president of Ocean Trust and member of the US Delegation to COFI led the presentation. “Sustainability, although often gauged on a fishery by fishery basis, is actually the result of a well-designed and implemented management system,” said Lassen. “We present a structured evaluation process to assess management systems ability to maintain the sustainability of fisheries under national and state programs.” The briefing presented the methodology, initial assessments of US management systems, and its potential to bring greater recognition and acceptance of State sponsored assessments…view Briefing.

Ocean Trust Launches Drive to Establish Gulf of Mexico Native Plant Center for Coastal Restoration of Key Fishery Habitat in the Gulf...read more

Ocean Trust Endorses NOAA Assessment on the Sustainability of US Fisheries

Ocean Trust strongly endorsed the recent release of NOAA’s assessment that shows the standards of the U.S. fishery management system more than meet the criteria of the United Nation’s Food and Agriculture Organization’s ecolabelling guidelines. These same guidelines serve as a basis for many consumer seafood certification and ranking schemes.

“The NOAA assessment offers a model for assessing the sustainability of fishery management systems,” noted Thor Lassen, co-developer of the assessment methodology. “The thoroughness of the assessment validates not only the sustainability of US fisheries, but the potential to move towards certification of management systems instead of individual fisheries.” Read more .

Bonefish Grill: Supporting Sustainability One Sip at a Time

I can’t say enough about Bonefish Grill, their commitment to sustainability, and innovative approach to supporting it.  I sat down at a Bonefish Grill in Baton Rouge recently to try their new Ocean Trust Tropic Heat Martini. Wow, I was blown away by the flavor and spice. I admit I had three…Read more.

Ocean Trust Moves Offices to The Big Easy

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